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Tree #28

septembre 9th, 2014 in deciduous trees No Comments »

Lowground bush – made by Christopher Czerwinski (


Tree #27

juillet 3rd, 2013 in shrubs 1 Comment »

High quality Lavender bushes made by Christopher Czerwinski.


Tree #26

février 10th, 2013 in deciduous trees No Comments »

Apple tree with fruits.


Mapping – tips & tricks

février 8th, 2013 in Tutorials 1 Comment »


during a new tree construction I have try to find a new way to mapping each part of the trunk and branch. So you can see what I found just below.

Ponytail Palm tree

Tree #25

février 6th, 2013 in palms trees No Comments »

Ponytail Palm Tree create by Ferran Navarro.

Palm Beach Tree

Tree #24

février 1st, 2013 in palms trees No Comments »

A Palm Beach Tree create by Ferran Navarro.


Tree #23

janvier 10th, 2013 in shrubs No Comments »

A simple Laurel tree (about 60 000 poly).

To create different laurel for hedge simply change the seed and you obtain another nice tree.


Tree #22

octobre 11th, 2012 in deciduous trees 2 Comments »

Common Tree 06 with a high version (1,400,000 poly) and a small version (500,000 poly).

All common tree are not finish in the right order, so that’s why you have the number 6 before the others.


Tree #21

juillet 4th, 2012 in ivy 2 Comments »

Create Ivy with ATree3d and Christopher Czerwinski


Tree #20

mai 31st, 2012 in coniferous trees 1 Comment »

A Fir tree create with the new version of atree3d (v1.1)