during a new tree construction I have try to find a new way to mapping each part of the trunk and branch. So you can see what I found just below.

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Create the test material


to the test I create a spline and apply the material.


it’s not ok for a good mapping

so I have test/found something new (for me) :  apply a « UVW Xform » modifier and change the U & V tile


that’s better. :)

Now it’s time to test this during a tree creation.


I select the T-1 / shape / add modifier « UVW Xform  »

-> but that’s make a script error :(

So the only way to use this method is to apply different id on different level branch and trunk and after the tree is build select one by one each id and apply the modifier « UVW Xform » with correct parameter.

Here is the result


With this method you materials have coordinates at 1 for each map (diffuse, bump, reflect…)

Hope you will find this helpfull, if you have some tips posts it in the comment or by mail.

Thanks for reading.




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