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Christopher say :

Today i want to contribute some very interesting settings for ATree3D script.
In my last project i was totally confused by problem which i get in my scene. I had to preapre IVY plants which are growing up on edges of walls, and then are falling down to the ground. I tried to use some free ivy scripts for 3d max, but i spend many hours to find some solution how IVY should grow if i want to have falling down ivy. Well…i tried to do this piece of work with my favourite script – ATree 3D. Well done! :) After one hour of playing with settings i have a completely easy solution for IVY which is growing on edges of objects. Now You can control total shape of IVY by changing a shape of TRUNK (which is invisible) or you can choice a place where is end of IVY by changing a SCALE of first branch. Now You can align Your IVY to almost all objects on the world:) And You have total control over this plant:)
Textures are downloaded from:

Zip file contain:
-) 3 file with at3d shapes (corner, straigh line and straigh line with curved shape of IVY)
-) all textures needed to render IVY
-) few renderes in example scene (scene is not included into zip archive).
-) MAT file for Vra 2.0 Sp2 and 3D Max 2012.

Have fun with growing ivies!
Christopher Czerwinski

ATree3d Ivy

ATree3d Ivy

ATree3d Ivy

ATree3d ivy

thanks for your contribution.

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  1. 1 gabzo said at 18:01 on août 17th, 2012:

    nice one!

  2. 2 Luis Simões said at 02:02 on décembre 28th, 2012:

    Very Good!

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