Eucalyptus Radiata (aka common Gum tree) by Michael Bartlett

Download tree#14

Download the maps

Download Max file

There are five variants of the tree in this package, they’re quite low poly and although intended for realtime applications, they seem to render pretty well offline.

Max file is the 3dsmax scene used to render the textures that were used on the lowpoly trees. please feel free to use this file to create more textures for different low poly trees. For more information about the creation of the tree you can see this post on CGARCHITECT.

As far as render times go, I was getting about 15mins for the larger trees in mental ray, with raytraced shadows, but final gather was just on low @ 1536 x 2048

See high resolution render (2400px)

Thanks for your work Michael.


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  1. 1 sachin walvekar said at 07:13 on mars 4th, 2013:

    Thanks for sharing. Great Tree.

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