Alder Tree.

This is a tree with a high polycount, so I have done test to see how to reduce render time or number of tree polygons.

download Alder Tree 9m

download Alder Tree 9m maps

High resolution Alder Close Up

Structure of the tree :

  • Trunk : 1
  • Branch : 5 level
  • leaf : 3 level

Structure of material  :

  • ID 01 – trunk & branch level 1 (b1)
  • ID 02 – b2 bark
  • ID 03 – b3 bark
  • ID 04 – b4 bark
  • ID 05 – b5 bark
  • ID 06 – leaf
  • ID 07 – leaf

Here is the result of my tests:

this is the best for close up views (see first picture)

The same tree with all leaf on an single plane (less poly)

And for (again) less poly you can delete the level 5 of the branch (what I call b5)

This time leaf are modeling

HD Leaf modeling without b5 (branch level 5)

LD leaf modeling

And the last with Low Definition Leaf modeling without b5.

Hope this can help (this was fun and usefull for me)

thanks for reading


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