Watch this video  for explain how to install and use the modify fonction


  • Download and unzip the latest version
  • From 3ds Max menu select: MaxScript> Run Script …>Run_ATree3D.mse
  • If you run script manual you have to run it again with every new 3ds max session to be able to modify your models.
  • If you want to load script automatically, copy « AvizStudioTools_ATree3D.mse » file from the archive in 3ds Max root folderscriptsstartup
  • To add a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button go to 3ds Max menu, select: Customize > Customize User Interface… > in « Keyboard » or « Toolbar » tab select Group: Main UI and Category: AvizStudioTools. Assign keyboard shortcut to « AvizStudioTools – ATree3D » from « Keyboard » tab or from « Toolbar » tab drag and drop « AvizStudioTools – ATree3D » to a new or existing toolbar to create UI button for the script (for Windows 7 or Vista you may need to run 3ds max as administrator).

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